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Apple Shooter

In today's world almost everything is available over internet and one among them is online games. A huge number of games are available online that you can play as much time as you want. These games vary in content, model and type of entertainment. If some games are meant for pure entertainment, some games test your intelligence or knowledge. There are few other games that test your accuracy levels of pertaining to a goal. Though there are hundreds of online games available over internet, only few games are very popular. People like to play only those games that are either fast or require mind power to be used. Apple Shooter is one such game that requires your mind power and teaches you targeting to the accuracy. You can play it online without any need of plugins. Apple Shooter is an online game that allows you to hit an apple positioned on the head of your friend. You have to use an arrow and bow for hitting the apple. You can use your mouse for bending or angling the arrow in a proper direction so that you hit the apple without a miss. Game forwards to the next level when you successfully hit the apple. Each level of the game positions you little further away from the target thus increasing the complexity level. Play Apple Shooter and train your skills. However the game ends abruptly when you hit the buddy of your friend. Since this game is very simple and easy to play, people of all ages like this game alike. Especially children see it as an interesting game as it becomes more challenging as and when it forwards to higher levels. it tests your patience levels as you have to angle the arrow very perfectly for hitting the apple. This game also helps you improve your analytical and logical skills.

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