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Bow Game

We all love video games. In fact, it is not just love, it is an obsession. So if you are thrilled about video games, you should have noted the new trends that are taking shape in the world of video games. Video games are becoming more graphic, they are more human like and real; additionally, the explosion have been made more explosive. But that is not the greatest change that has taken place in the making of video games. Haven’t you noticed the use of a bow and arrow in most of the recent games as the primary weapon? It is a rediscovery, decades after the assault gun was the main thing in video games. High profile video games like the tomb raider, crisis 3, assassin’s creed III, skyrim and Far cry 3 have embraced the use of a bow and arrow in every sense of the word. There are innumerable other bow games that you can play both online and offline; and maybe it is time to get a bow game today and experience the new revolution.

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