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Apple Shooter 2

Apple Shooter 2 is the best continuation of popular game Apple Shooter. The game is created for real gamers and fans of first part. This game is loved by all people all over the world, never depend on their age. The gameplay is very simple and attractive, the graphics of the game will not leave you indifferent. The mission of the game stays the same as in first part. You have a bow and an arrow and you must shoot an arrow in apple. Your opponent is standing opposite you with apple on his head. He is very afraid, and is praying for your good shooting, because if your shoot will not be good you will kill your friend. So try to do your best to shoot well. After each good shooting, playing became more difficult, the distance to aim becomes further. Apple Shooter 2 is the best way to train your reaction and also to improve your mood. The game is full of difficult levels, each depends on how well are you prepared in shooting. First you begin from distance 5 meters then after hitting the target your distance became 10, the third step is 20 meters and so on. You can find here an interesting and cheerful moments too, if you shoot into your opponent not in apple you will kill him but the proces of this are very interesting because it depends on where you will hit an arow, for example if you hit in head, you will tear off his head, if hit in toes he will jump, if you shoot in his stomach, you will empty his guts and so on. So, if you are a big lover of best online flash games, this game is created for you. We advice you to try second part Apple Shooter 2 for free at our oficial website, just visit and play. Wish you a good pastime.

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